The firm of Laura J. MacDonald, CPA, was established in 1993 in an effort to provide non-profit agencies with a lower cost alternative for audit services. Prior to this time, Ms. MacDonald worked for a large, international CPA firm. While at this firm, she developed her expertise with non-profit organizations. Audit fees for these organizations were typically high, and staff assigned to the jobs were relatively inexperienced and unfamiliar with Federal and state grantor regulations. Non-profit audits were not given the attention that larger corporate audits received. The same situation exists at many of the larger firms today.

Laura’s goal was to set up a firm specializing in performing timely, quality audits for non-profit agencies at a reasonable price. This is accomplished by the size of her firm. With just 4 employees she keeps her operating costs low. Another benefit to her clients is that Laura performs the majority of fieldwork on all engagements. Fieldwork is efficient and results in minimal client disruptions. Experience, in the non-profit sector is invaluable. Laura can draw on over 20 years of experience with similar organizations to provide useful comments regarding internal controls/compliance risks, funding source reviews and other issues unique to non-profit organizations.