Performing Audits of Non-profit Agencies Since 1993

The firm of Laura MacDonald, CPA, Inc. is devoted exclusively to performing audits, primarily for non-profit organizations. Laura MacDonald and her staff perform over 50 such non-profit audits annually, including many “OMB Circular A-133” audits (required for those agencies expending over $750,000  in federal funding). Laura’s firm has extensive experience auditing a variety of Federal and State programs including:

  • Federal Head Start Programs
  • Section 8 Programs
  • HUD Insured Loan Programs
  • Community Development Block Grant Programs
  • Home Energy Assistance/Home Weatherization Assistance Programs
  • Medicaid/Medicare
  • Community Health Centers Programs
  • Ohio Department of Mental Health Programs

Her clients range in size from small start-up organizations – (with revenues of under $100,000) to  complex agencies with revenues in excess of $20 million dollars annually.

In addition to non-profit Agency audits, the firm also performs several retirement plan audits annually – for both non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Regulation/Quality Control

All firms performing audits in the State of Ohio are required to undergo a peer review every three years. A CPA firm conducts its peer review by engaging another independent CPA firm, approved by the Accountancy Board of Ohio, to perform the review. The review consists of selecting a sample of audits performed during the period under review and examining the audit workpapers and the related audited financial statements for compliance with professional standards. The review also includes an examination of the firm’s system of quality control to determine whether the quality control system in place has been designed to meet the requirements of quality control standards for an accounting and auditing practice established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Peer reviews can result in the following reports:

  • Pass
  • Pass with deficiencies
  • Fail

The firm of Laura J. MacDonald, CPA has received unmodified (clean) peer review reports for every triennial period since 1995, when its first peer review was conducted. The most recent peer review was conducted in August of 2014 by Rea & Associates (a large regional accounting firm ). click here to view peer report